C-Series 124 Coupe on Craigslist

Someone pointed out this 1974 124 Coupe on Craigslist in California.  Can't tell much about it, but if it's truly a California car and you are looking for a C-series Coupe, it'd be hard to go too wrong with this one.   The ad says it comes with a 2 liter engine from a Spider 2000, so if you're into that sort of thing, there ya go.   Someone rescue this thing and send me an update when it's back on the road!
74coupe1.jpg  74coupe2.jpg

1970 124 Coupe on Ebay out of Canada

I just stumbled onto this amazing time capsule B-series Coupe for sale via a well-known FIAT enthusiast/restorer in Canada.   I'll be very curious to see what it goes for....if it goes on Ebay, I guess I should say.  The pictures are less than impressive, but I don't doubt the car is excellent!

BMW E28 European Center Front Bumper

Hopefully, these photos show the good & the not-so-good of this center bumper section.


BMW M30 535i Water Pump - Nearly New..

This was installed and the car was driven VERY FEW miles before it was parked and dismantling began.   The impeller looks excellent on this piece.


BMW M30 535i Air Intake Boot

Not cracked.  Some, but not all fittings are present.


'86 BMW 535i Owners Manual

Functional, but not to be used as a prop for your trailer queen show car!


BMW 535i Bosch Mass Air Flow Meter

Tested and in good working condition.  $60


BMW 535i Ignition (spark plug) Wires + Coil

These were new wires back in 2007.....very few miles.  The coil is older, but tested & good.


BMW 535 Power Steering Fluid Reservoir

Yep, oily on the outside, but it's all there....


BMW E28 European (Front) Bumper Parts

If I get a complete bumper to replace this one, I would be selling these sections.  I have both ends and two middle sections..and, of course the mounting brackets. 


BMW E28 Wiper transmission/bulkhead cover

No overspray, edge a little chipped, but otherwise looked quite good installed.

Barn Find B Coupe in Oregon

This looks a lot like my old '71 Coupe....and, a lot of Coupes for that matter.  The ad doesn't have much information other than it implies the thermostat is bad or nonexistent and the photo looks like the whole car was resprayed.....grille, door handles and all....but a running and even halfway solid B Coupe isn't too common, so maybe someone will make a good home for this one!


I spotted this 1973 (CC Coupe) on Ebay out of Italy.  It's $8,800 (buy it now) or make an offer and as of the time of this writing it looks like there's been at least one offer.  The text of the ad reads like this:

Fiat 124 sport coupè 1600 series III, 1973 / rare colour beige Kensa / factory options: 5 speed box, Cromodora alloys, tinted windows, headrests / excellent mechanic /original interior /
rust-free bodywork / professionally resprayed 10 years ago / tool set / owner's handbook
period brochure / ASI passport / location Italy

can arrange shipping / please contact me for further infos and pics

so, i guess that translates to.....well, who knows?  It has those nice looking European market wheels and marker lights.  Not sure what shipping to the US would be, but outside of a lousy economy, this could be a nice find.   For now, I'll keep an eye on it and if you are reading this and you've bought the car, drop me a line!
italy_c_coupe2.JPG italy_c_coupe3.JPG

The current state of the '86 535i

The vultures have descended on the 535i, but there is a LOT left.   Pretty much all of the under-the-dash and engine bay parts are about to be up for grab.   Here's what the drivers seat looks like these days....
1986_535i_today.JPGand, in case you are interested in body parts, it was recently repainted with the factory color, but here is the factory tag:

BMW E28 Grilles

In case anyone needs E28 (US spec) grilles, I have 2 or 3sets of these.....


For Sale: Original E28 Blaupunkt Stereo Amplifier

This is the OEM stereo amp that was located under the parcel shelf (inside the trunk) in cars equipped with the premium stereo option.


Door Arm Rests/Pulls:
door_handles.JPGenter Console & Dash Parts:

The standard (black) pieces:
A-pillar covers:
Seems like it's pretty common for these to be rusty as heck on E28 BMWs.   This is a spare set i had, but don't need since my '87 has European lights (which use different mounts).   US/DOT beams included.

BMW 535i Tool Tray

Empty, no tools in it, but possibly useful for a repair or restoration.


I was late on the draw posting anything about this coupe, but this was a 1969 124 Coupe with an odometer reading 40-something thousand miles, and apparently very little rust on Ebay out of Albuquerque New Mexico.  The seller offered a lot of text and some detailed description of the car's condition as well as some decent photos to show what it looks like underneath (which, of course is what really mattters!).  The interior looks like most - especially southwestern examples - of these do in this condition....like a bomb went off inside.  Luckily, all of that except maybe the dash pad, is fairly easy to source or reproduce.  Hopefully we'll see this one brought back to life!

white_a1.JPG white_a2.JPGwhite_a3.JPG

The auction is closed at $1,125 on February 3, 2009. 

Some More E28 odds & ends

Front turn signals/parking lights...front_turn_sig_parking.JPG
some weathering
& one lens has a small crack...

Trunk courtesy light: trunk_light.JPG

The on-board computerObc.jpg
the heater fan:

and a fairly weathered, but cool BMW license plate frame: 

BMW E28 Windshield Wiper Motor

Good E28 Bosch wiper motor....$60 shipped within the continental US


E28 Right Rear Door Detail


BMW E28 535i M30 Oil Pan

Dirty, but not cracked, warped, or otherwise fouled 

$100 shipped to your continental US location......


For sale:  1974 124 Spider Cylinder Head (1756cc, aka "1800"...original to 1974-1978 124 Spiders) - Complete head pulled from a running car....probably 25 years ago & shelved by a series of Fiat fanatics (including myself) since then.  Come to think of it, I think I have two of these, complete & the other still has the '74 EPA smog pump attached!  woohoo!   $60 + shipping.